2019 Consumer Electronics Show CES Highlights

23 Jul 2019

This was my second time attending CES in Las Vegas, the Consumer Electronics Show is an annual event where the latest technological gadgets are demoed for the press. I was invited based on my role with ElectricBikeReview.com to see the latest ebikes, and this video is a roundup of things that I found especially interesting. The thumbnail image is LG's flexible LED display panels.

This is a shortlist of companies and products shown in the video:
- Omron AI ping pong and assembly robots
- Electrafly human jet drone
- Coayu W902 vacuum robots and window cleaner robot
- Hoversurf human quadcopter drones from Dubai
- HTC Vive and Ricoh 360 degree camera
- LG flexible LED display panels
- Panasonic physical mirror, sensing human lifestyle
- Bosch internet of things IOT shuttle public self driving car demo
- Impossible Burger non-meat, alternative hamburger and other foods
- H2Tech Pragma hydrogen electric bike
- Bot Boxer robotic predictive AI boxing trainer
- Cosmo connected brake light and turn signals for bike helmets (accelerometer, gyroscope, wireless turn signal peripheral)
- Farm Box Ecokitchen LED indoor garden concept, they provide seed and substrate
- Razor kick scooters and electric scooters (some in ride share programs now)
- Feiyu-Tech gimbals for cameras
- Liteon sensors for car pooling HOV, parking cars etc.
- Goal Zero portable power and solar charging solutions
- Zero Mass Water Source solar powered atmospheric water generator, "hydropanel technology"

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