Enable NVIDIA Shadow play Highlights PUBG Player unknown's battlegrounds

07 Nov 2019

how to turn on, and Enable NVIDIA Shadow play Highlights for PUBG Player unknown's battlegrounds. Update PUBG with latest patch. You need nvidia GTX card of a minimum spec, at least a few GB of hard drive space. it runs in the background, taking some resources, use at your own risk, it might slow your performance in game.

See this website for more info too. has stuff about 4k enhancements as well.

Sorry audio isnt great, sound like im going to eat my mic, need to work out how to make it sound better.

Sauce below:


Does not work with Windows 7 at the moment, Nvidia are working to fix it.

Geforece experience update in the last 24 hours: as of 26th aug 2017
GeForce Experience 3.9.0 Release Highlights

GeForce Experience Client:

Added a feature to clean up previous driver downloads during new driver installation.
Removed NVIDIA Tray Icon from Windows system tray in order to reduce the system footprint of NVIDIA software.
Added feature to follow nFans WeChat club for China Region.
Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug that would re-enable the GeForce Experience overlay after exiting certain games.
Fixed a bug that prevented saving ShadowPlay Highlights to another hard drive.
Various performance and stability improvements.
Fixed bug to install GeForce Experience with a non-admin Windows user account.

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